Monday, 8 April 2013

Posh Boys Don’t Worry About Breaking the Law

Yes, as we would expect, it’s one rule for them, and one rule for the rest of us plebs. They don’t just hold us in contempt, they want to show to the world loudly and clearly that they can’t stand us, and by heaven, they sure as hell aren’t going to follow the rules that the rest of us are expected to abide by.

Vitriol aside (only for a moment, don’t worry), there is a serious point demonstrated by this rude behaviour: they live in a different world, the world of wealth, privilege, power, and relish the suffering of the people they cause to, well, suffer. They matter, and we don’t. Common decency and courteous behaviour are all that, ultimately, bind our society as a place where we would want to live. Not for posh boys. It’s their society, to do with as they will. And as for decency, well, the decent person is the servant who does what they are told. And servants don’t have feelings. They are hardly human at all.

And their offences (nearly forgot)?

George Osborne allowed his chauffeur-driven £50,000 Land Rover to be parked in a Disabled Bay, reserved for Blue Badge holders, on two occasions! At an M4 service station, and a week earlier at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

And David Cameron allowed his chauffeur-driven Jaguar to be parked in a restricted zone for three hours, when the sign states that parking is for 30 minutes only.

A disabled driver who fails to display their Blue Badge gets a fine. George Osborne and David Cameron posh boys in their magic cloaks of invincible privilege get to have a laugh at the common people who get a right and proper telling-off for being naughty.

To see George Osborne’s car parked in a Disabled Bay at an M4 service station, click here.

To see David Cameron's car parked in a restricted zone, click here. 


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